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Newsletter Issue #1 - May 2013 SKP Photographers
by Lou Petkus 82876 It seems like only yesterday when Val and I were at the 2010 Escapade in Goshen. That is when I wondered why there was no photography BOF.  After doing some checking I found it takes thirty members to get a BOF started. With thirty members we have the ability to be to be listed in the magazine and request a meeting room at an Escapade. We finally reached that number at the SKP ACRE rally in Marion NC

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Member Image Albums I sincerely hope you will send me some of your favorite pictures to add to the member albums. What are your favorite subjects? We’d love to see them. Please don’t think your images need to be perfect. We all need to improve our skills, even the best of us!.  We are  SKPS helping SKPS so send your pictures and let us help you improve your skills! Please size your images to a maximum 1800px wide or 700px high.  If you don’t know how to resize just send your pictures, as is, and I will take care of doing it for you. Email 10-15 images to me and Include any caption text you want put under your pictures. Send your pictures to In the subject line of your Email please write “SKP Member images”. Lou Petkus
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SKP ACRE - Cellphone photography follow up

by Lou Petkus 82876 At the 2013 SKP ACRE rally in Marion NC I did a presentation which covered Cellphone photography and recommended several free Windows programs for enhancing your images. If you attended you know that Murphy was also there. The main projector didn’t work and the backup projector didn’t have enough  power  to be clearly seen.  Here is a summary of the program that I promised with links for the software I recommended.
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