SKP Photographers Hosted by Newsletter Issue #2 - June 2013

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Tidbits and articles needed

Do you have a secret photo location, photography tip, interesting photography experience, or photo event you would share with the BOF? It can be as simple as one sentence with a photo or a complete article. Please support the newsletter. We’d all love to see your tidbits or articles.

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Meet me in the Smokies for our 1st Photo Escape!

by Lou Petkus 82876 Come to the Photo Escape and take a picture like this yourself. No hiking necessary, just park your car and set up your camera. This is just one of many senior friendly (ie: Little or no hiking required) locations to see great views and take great pictures. Val and I have been to the Smokies many times and know of other senior friendly locations.                                                           Read more here
Foothills Parkway Sunrise

How to photograph Fireworks

by Lou Petkus 82876 With the 4th of July just around the corner I thought it would be timely for tips on how to photograph fireworks. You can get some great shots with your point and shoot, crossover or DSLR camera using the right techniques.                                                                 Read more here