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By Lou Petkus - 82876
Like furniture craftsmen from medieval times, knowledge and skill gave them the ability to create great furniture with simple tools. Photography is no different. With skill and knowledge great images can be made with simple cameras and inexpensive software.
Impressive Pictures From Simple Cameras
Camera FV-5 Camera App
Motorola Razr Maxx Cellphone
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Photo from “SKP Photographers B.O.F” group Facebook page
By Lou Petkus - 82876 I have been a computer geek ever since the first IBM PC came out some twenty five years ago.  Facebook launched in 2004 and quickly became mainstream on the Internet. Being a geek you would think I would embrace this new phenomenon right? Wrong! I had absolutely no interest knowing every time Judy’s canary pooped on the floor or seeing photos of people in contorted or compromising positions.                                                                                                         Read more
photo by Mike Evertsen

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By Lou Petkus - 82876
This Sunflower picture was taken with my Razr Maxx cellphone! In this article I show you in detail what steps and free software I used to take a seemingly average picture and turn it into one you would be proud to have hanging on your wall.
Enhancing Your Photos
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