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By Lou Petkus - 82876
The Four Corners
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September and October is a prime time of the year for photography so this issue of the newsletter is devoted entirely to showing you some great places to photograph this Fall! 
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Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado have a common corner where each of their borders meet. This area of the United States is called the “Four Corners” and has an abundance of spectacular state, national, Indian and  BLM parks and recreational areas.  Cool temperatures in September and October make this a prime time for tourists and photographers to visit here.
The Cherokee National Forest is located in NC just west and south of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We were there in 2011 and when the colors in the GSMNP were disappearing the colors in the Cherokee National Forest were at peak.
Photo by Lou Petkus
Are you looking for something colorful to photograph?  Are you going to be “out west” in September?  Is the thought of navigating the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta a little daunting? Give the “Montague Balloon Fair” a try!  This annual hot air ballooning event is held in the tiny community of Montague, California, just south of the Oregon border and only six miles from I-5 (Yreka, CA). This year’s dates are September 20-22.
Photo by Lou Petkus
Photo by Lora Newby
Montague Balloon Fair By Lora Newby -94421
Two of the “Must See” places while traveling through Utah are Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.   These two places more than any others, showcase the unique natural sights of the State.      In Bryce most visitors enter the park and spend their time looking down from the scenic drive at the land formations as they drive through the pine forest along the ridge of the canyon.
Photo by Dan Alltop
Bryce and Zion National Parks By Dan Alltop - 75370