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Sometimes everything comes together in the right way! The star trails above is my very first attempt at this unique aspect of photography. It is something I have long wanted to do. Two years ago, in anticipation of shooting star trails, I purchased a Multi-Function Timer Remote Control and this fall I finally got the chance to use it. The story behind the picture Val and I were attending our Illinois Chapter 46 Fall Rally (9-23 through 9-26) on the Mississippi River at Thomson Causeway Core Park in Thomson Il.
Are you planning to attend Escapade May 12-17,  2014? The SKP Photography BOF has been asked to provide volunteer photographers and I have been appointed Staff Photographer and assigned the responsibility of coordinating photography activities. 
Photo by Lou Petkus
By Lou Petkus - 82876
Star Trails
By Lou Petkus - 82876 When I originally thought of having a photography resource issue of the news letter I envisioned it as a one time specialty issue. After giving it a little more thought I decided that devoting a dedicated section of the website for listing resources was a better alternative.  Click here or on the “More” button in the menu bar at the top of the page  to access the resources page.  Please consider submitting a short article of your favorite resource!

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By Lou Petkus - 82876 The Government shutdown didn’t stop us! For a short time I had contemplated canceling the workshop but everyone else said “lets go for it” so that is exactly what we did.  The park did open on Wednesday and we were ready. We wondered if the crowds would be lite or heavy. Could we be lucky? Did people stay away because of the shutdown?                                              Read more here
Photo by Bruce Fay - 102397
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Mill at Cades Cove
By Lou Petkus - 82876