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Holiday Letters by Lou Petkus - 82876 (continued from page  2) The sample letter below shows some graphics I found on the web, downloaded, and integrated into the letter. I used the “Draw” module in Open Office and simply dragged the clip art images onto the workspace. (Open Office is freeware for both Win and Mac. It is an alternative to MS Office and file compatible with Office) You should be able to use any other word processor to achieve the same results. Links: Open Office Cool Text Christmas Clipart 1 Christmas Clipart 2 How about printing your own gift tags?  Click on the image. Need step by step instructions?  Watch my video below. All the best to your and your family! Lou Petkus
Winter Photography in Yellowstone by Lou Petkus - 82876 (continued from page  2) We spent a full week photographing the wildlife and winter landscapes in Yellowstone. It was an unforgeable photo adventure! We rented two 4 wheel drive Suburbans and ventured out on our own.  If you are not that adventurous there are numerous professional photographers who run photo workshops in Yellowstone. The only road open for the public to use in winter is the road from Gardiner MT to Cooke City on the far north end of the park. Fortunately this is also the road where most of the wildlife can be found. All other areas of the park are only accessible by using the park’s snow coach service. We chartered this snow coach for one day during our stay. Our best landscape images were taken on this part of the trip. Usually the winter temperatures in Yellowstone are bitter cold. We expected and came prepared for that kind of weather. Unfortunately mother nature changed her mind and and gave us very mild temperatures. We would have prefered the colder weather as this would have made for better photography. Although in the pictures above it looks nice and clear it was actually snowing most of the time. The only day it did not snow was the day of our snow coach trip and for that we are thankful. The landscape photography that day was simply perfect! The wildlife was plentyful and most of the time quite close.  Although we were using high end cameras, a point and shoot camera with a decent telephoto zoom would have done the job most of the time. I have included an album with some of my images from the trip. You can view the album by clicking on the album picture below. I have also been experimenting with with video. The first thumbnail in album contains some videos taken with the Canon 7D. Lou Petkus

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