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It has been said that the difference between children and adults is that children pursue an activity for the sheer fun of it while adults have a goal to achieve. So release your inner child and play: We’re going to make orbs! Read more here
Taking Time To Play Making Orbs
by Chari Maier - 110645
NEW MEMBERS THIS ISSUE Harold Fritsche - 114978 Bill Garmire - 85439 Walter Clemont - 110852 Susan Thomson - 115315 Lisa Lind - 104074 Welcome to the BOF!
by Steve Maier - 110645 As amateur photographers, our full-time RV lifestyle presents a bit of a problem.  Just what do we do with thousands of images? Read more here
NEW MEMBER LINKS THIS ISSUE Salyers - New album UPDATES Altop - Album updated Maier - Blog updated Linda Fay - Album updated Kranz - Blog updated
Project of  the Month
Making a 360° Panorama
Here is your chance to get more active with the BOF - Don’t be shy. This month’s project is titled  “HOLIDAY SPIRIT” and all we are asking is for you to send us a single image.

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Simple, Free, Photo Editor for Point-and-Shoot Photographers
by Lou Petkus - 82876
Sometimes our point-and-shoot pictures need a little help.  The most basic adjustments are brightness, saturation, straighten and crop. Why not give Faststone Image Viewer a try? It is easy to learn, makes all the necessary adjustments and its free! Read more here