Whats in Your Bag?     by Chari Maier
When I started getting seriously interested in photography as a hobby, I bought everything that crossed my path. All too soon I outgrew . . .                   read more
In this issue
The Importance of Light  by Lou Petkus
Light!  Without light there would be no photography.                         read more
Lets Talk Composition  by Lou Petkus
Whether you are a point-and-shoot photographer who wants to skip software adjustments and go directly to the printer or Blog, or an . . .               read more                       
Do you have a Blog or Online Photo Gallery? Why not add a digital frame to give you images a gallery look? .                                                                           read more
I came across a photography workshop sponsored by Grandfather Mountain in Linville NC that piqued my interest that I am seriously .  .  .                read more
Are you going to Escapade?  If yes, would you be willing to help with photography, even if it is just snapping pictures as you . . . . .                read more
If you have belonged to Escapees very long you have probably heard of the Jojoba Hills SKP co-op park.                                                                                    read more
If you are a newer member of Escapees you my not recognize the people in the image above.  They are none other than Kay Peterson  . . . . .               read more                                                   
A new resource has been added.                                                                read more
Tidbits of information from our members.                                               read more
Newsletter Issue #9 - February 2014

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