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Photography enthusiasts of the Escapees RV Club Newsletter - Issue #28 - July 2017
 Finding free music by Lou Petkus 82876
First I want to say that I am not an expert when it comes to legal issues related to using copyrighted music. As such it is up to you to determine for yourself whether or not it is legal to use certain music in your slideshows. Generally speaking, any time you post a slideshow to public media (FB, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) you need permission from the composer to use their music. By far the safest way to avoid problems is to use music from the public domain or Creative Commons. There are several forms of Creative Commons music. Some is free to use and modify, some is free to use and may not be modified, some is free for personal use but not commercial use and some music requires you to give credit to the composer. You can read all the CC details here. When searching the web for music use search terms that include CC0 (CC zero) or public domain in your search. Both designate that the music is free to use and modify as you wish. Beware! Some sites lead you to believe the music listed in the results is free but in reality perhaps only one song is actually free. I call these trick clicks. Usually each song will let you know if you must pay a fee to use to it. I have spent many hours looking for music and many times been taken down a rabbit hole! ie: a lot of wasted time. Here are a few of the sites I found to be useful. Youtube - Until recently all the music at this link is free to use with public media, however, I see now some songs require attribution so be sure to read the pop up when you preview each Youtube song. Freeplay music    You will need to create an account and log in to download music. If you find a song you like you must add it to the cart then check out.  Most if not all songs will show a $0.00 at checkout and can then be downloaded for free.    Hint: click on song name to see license terms. If you do create a slide show be sure to let us know when and where to see your slideshow when it is done.