Best free slideshow software by Lou Petkus 82876
I usually use Proshow Producer from Photodex.  Proshow is high end and expensive but does everything including layers. It is definitely not what I would recommend for the average photographer. So I went on an all day search of the web looking for good software to recommend. The software I found is not only good, it is excellent, and from a company whose software I have already used and liked! It is available for both Mac and PC and the best feature is it is FREE for personal use.  Photostage is produced by NCH software and can be downloaded here. Go to bottom of page for the free edition. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the software you can easily create a simple slideshow, from still pictures, with music, in less than 10 minutes. Later you can add video, text, record your voice, customize transitions, synchronize slides to the music and even make adjustments (brightness, contrast etc.) to your slides and videos plus even more. In my search I found no other free software that included all of these features. If you have never created a slideshow before now is the time to give it a try. I have made several tutorials and just posted them on Youtube. Go to Youtube tutorials.  
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