Ken Wiseman
This slideshow was created with Proshow Producer but could have been produced just easily with Photostage, perhaps even a little easier! Fireworks shows at Niagara Falls are twice a week in the prime season and once a week in the off season. The color change effects were created by fading from one image to next. A new image was taken each time the lighting changed colors.
Alden Whitehead
Please note that the videos on this page are full length and therefore take a lot of bandwidth! You will definitely want to be on a WIFI connection to view these! Click on the pictures to watch the video.
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John and Lora Newby
For those of you who don’t know, Lora is our B.O.F data base manager. Lora says this slideshow was created with Wondershare which she no longer owns. I especially like the way the slides and subject mater are synchronized to the lyrics of the song! Nice job Lora. Lou
Unfortunately Alden’s slide show was about ½ hour long so I took the liberty of excerpting a one minute clip and added some music. Thank You Alden for contributing!
SKP Photographers
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I use and really like FotoMagico 5 because it is easy and powerful.  It will combine media in a wide variety of ways that allow lots of creativity.