Sights and sounds of New Orleans 2017
 Photostage Tutorial 1
 New Orleans 2017
Step-by-step instructions on how to create a slideshow in less than 10 minutes using Photostage wizard.
Finished slideshow with only still images created in less than 10 minutes using Photostage wizard.
 Photostage Tutorial 2
 Photostage Tutorial 3
Working with sound files and fades. Creating narration and adding special effects to images and videos.
In this tutorial I show you how to create a slideshow with a title screen, ending screen,  video and music, without using the wizard.   Of special  interest is the procedure I show on how to fade out the music bed so the video sound comes through.
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Photography enthusiasts of the Escapees RV Club Newsletter - Issue #28 - July 2017
Finished slideshow with both still images and videos
 Photostage tutorials by Lou Petkus 82876
In July 2017 Val and I went to New Orleans for a convention Val was attending.  I had plenty of spare time so I took the opportunity to roam the streets of the city to photograph and video the sights. This was the first opportunity for me to do a serious photo outing in almost two years and perfect timing to collect material for the tutorials below. All the images and videos were taken with the little Sony RX100 MII and any editing was done with Faststone Image Viewer. Start by watching the first video. It is the final result  is the culmination of all tutorials below.