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Photo by Sue Carroll
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Issue #30 December 2017    
About the image above The image above was taken by Sue Carroll, our newest member! Sue is a very talented photographer and has her own website where you can see more of her work.  Sue says she took this picture in Valdez Alaska as the Eagle was coming in for a landing to feed on a Salmon. If you have an image you would like to see in the header, please let Lou know. Be aware of the wide format and be sure there is room for the graphics.
Christmas card tutorial by Lou Petkus 82876 The tutorial (left) gives click by click steps taken, using free online tools, to produce the finished card above. It is a perfect way to start learning about photo editing or improving your existing skills.
SKP Photographers
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Do you want a Tutorial? by Lou Petkus 82876 This picture is one of the flowers on my wife’s Christmas Cactus and was taken with my 5-6 year old Motorola cellphone! I used a very slow shutter speed in a dimly lit room to achieve the black background and only made slight highlight and shadow adjustments. I did not use a tripod! Instead I improvised, using common household items to hold the cellphone steady. I did this to show you can  achieve great results without a fancy camera or tripod etc.   I did however pay $3.95 for the FV-5 camera app that allows for a slow shutter speed.
I used (free online photo editor that supports layers) to enhance the flower detail and add the frame, mat and water mark. The frame was one of the free frame templates I found from searching the Internet and not from fotor as mentioned in the tutorial on the previous page. The original frame was brown and I used pixlr to change its color. Would you like to see a tutorial on how I made the picture? I would be happy to make a tutorial, similar to the Christmas card tutorial, but only if there is actually some interest.  So please let me know by email if you would like to see a video tutorial for the entire process of producing the Christmas Cactus picture above. SKP members as well as non-member Emails are all welcome. Email me at: