Photography enthusiasts of the Escapees RV Club
Issue #33 March 2018    
First Annual Escapade Photo Contest
By Lora Newby - Escapade Co-Coordinator
SKP Photographers
There’s something new coming to the 58 th Escapade in Sedalia, Missouri this year. There will be a ….. drum roll, please .... photo contest!! And, we want to make sure that all of you SKP Photographers BOF members are the first to know about the First Annual Escapade Photo Contest. The theme is “America’s Heartland Through Escapees’ Eyes” and, because this year is the 40 th Anniversary of the Escapee RV Club, one of the categories will be all about RVing. The other two categories will be about our heartland as we celebrate in Sedalia, Missouri on May 27 – June 1, 2018. Sedalia has an interesting and varied history, but trains, cattle drives and cowboys were a large part of it for many years. So, sit down at your computer and find some interesting photographs from your travels through our country’s heartland or from your exciting RV adventures (maybe with other Escapees!) and plan to enter one or more photographs. Or – even more fun – grab your camera and head out on a picture-taking adventure! Here are the three categories: 1) RV Community (RVing, camping, campfires, happy hours, SKPs having fun, RVs, etc.) 2) Landscapes of the Heartland (may include RVs or not) 3) Heartland History (trains, windmills, farm/ranch equipment, farmers, animals, buildings, etc.) All the details (print size, etc.) are included in this link: Escapade 2018 Photo Contest Rules All Escapade attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite photograph through the “People’s Choice” voting. So, pick your best photograph for each category, because lots of your SKP friends will be seeing them! All winners will receive ribbons and the possibility of having their winning entries published in the Escapee Club magazine! And, think how much fun it would be to see your photograph on the big screen at one of Escapade’s wonderful slideshows – it could happen!! See you at Escapade 2018
Escapade 2018
Do you have an idea for a newsletter article? Have you been to any interesting photo ops lately? We would all like to hear about it. This space is available and waiting for one of our members to submit an article.
One of the photo clubs I belong to has a themed competitions through out the year. The purpose is to encourage members to submit photos for critique. The image (left) is one I took for a “Silhouette Theme” Since our BOF is scattered across the country it makes it just about impossible to have face to face meetings. I would like to see a little more member interaction so I am calling for you to send  one image to be posted here in this newsletter for some or our experienced photographers to critique. The first theme will be “Landscapes”.
Just For Fun - A Call for images Taken with a Sony RX100mk2. The rainbow colors are a result of the built in characteristics of the camera's lens.
Branson Mo. Ferris Wheel Transplanted from Navy Pier in Chicago
click image to enlarge
Send your entry to as an attachment.  If you can resize your image to 1024 pixels on the longest side that would be great. If you are not sure how to resize you can simply attach the original image and I will resize it for your. There are no rules other than the image must be one taken by you.  You may use any creative adjustments you desire , even extreme modifications. You may take a new picture or use one you have taken sometime in the past. Lets have some fun! Lou Petkus