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Issue #34 June 2018    
Mike is one of our new members who joined the B.O.F at Escapade. His photo won the  “Peoples Choice” category and 2nd place in the “Landscapes of the Heartland” category”. Congratulations Mike, job well done …… Lou Pet   This photo was taken at Hawksbill Crag at Whitaker Point in Newton County, Arkansas. I had seen photos of this location before and wanted to venture there for a sunrise shot. The crag is is a very remote location requiring a nine mile trek down a dirt road in the dark followed by a one hour hike through treacherous trails by flashlight since it was before dawn. I arrived at Hawksbill Crag before the sun peaked over the mountain across the valley. I got several good shots up close to the outcrop and started to leave. As I walked off along the cliff with the crag in the distance, the sky changed and the rays of light through the clouds became intense. Wisps of fog moved in the air currents making for a dreamy background to silhouette the crag. It was here that I got the best photo of the trip which is the one I submitted to the photo contest. I took the photo with a Panasonic Lumix G7 camera with 7-14mm (14-28mm equiv.) lens at 12mm (24mm equiv.) focal length. The shutter was set to 1/640 second at f/8.0 at ISO 200. I took the photo in RAW format so I could make any needed adjustments post-process. I processed the RAW file using Lightroom to adjust the highlight levels to tone down the intense light and adjusted the shadows to bring out details. Contrast was increased to enhance details. The final JPEG image was produced.
by Mike Thomas 136849
First Annual Escapade Photography Competition Winners Using Photoshop’s “Blending Options”
I have written before about free photo editors I use daily. They all have excellent capabilities but fall short for some projects. It may surprise you that I really do also use Photoshop when I need it’s advanced tools.  The picture at the right was created from four images taken at Escapade 2018. The fireworks were combined using the “Blending Options ” Tab” in Photoshop. Watch the six minute tutorial below to see the the click by click steps I took to make the picture.
by Lou Petkus 82876
Photo by Gayle Putman #119520
Michael Thomas - 136849
Peoples Choice Award
RV Community
RV Adventure - 1st Place Edward Armstrong 74059
Old Campers - 2nd Place Steve Schlager 132209
Lake Reflection - 3rd Place Brian Downing 116012
Landscapes of the Heartland
T.A. Moulton Barn - 1st Place Gayle Putman 119520
Hawksbill Crag - 2nd Place Michael Thomas 136849
(No Title) - 3rd Place Tom Barbernitz 120286
Heartland History
Shaker Broom Maker - 1st Place Vivian Ashworth 120247
Bison on Swimming Hole - 2nd Place Edward Armstrong 74059
(No Title) - 3rd Place Tom Barbernitz 120286
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Murphy Strikes at Escapade Fireworks
The sky was perfectly clear, a great night for fireworks. The twenty minute show was scheduled for nine P.M. but Murphy had a different idea for a starting time. I received permission to go way out in the backfield to take pictures and from that vantage point I had a view of the stadium where the attendees would be.  I set up the tripod and camera and was ready to go at nine P.M., the camera was on and the screen lit. From my vantage point I had a clear view of the launch area and could see the workers scurrying around.  They were obviously having some difficulties. It was now 9:30 and the camera battery was running low so I decided to replace the battery which required camera removal from the tripod.  I figured even if the show started I would have plenty of time to put the fresh battery in. As you guessed, as soon as the camera was off the tripod the show started.  I hurried, replaced the battery and started shooting. It was a spectacular display and after only a few exposures that was it! The show was over!  I don’t know what went wrong but the show lasted only five minutes or so.  Since fireworks today are triggered electronically I suspect there were some wiring issues which required setting the fireworks off in groups instead of individually.   The few images I did take can be be viewed below. Do you have a Murphy photography story?  Why not write a short story and tell the B.O.F. in our newsletter?
by Lou Petkus 82876
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