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The header image above was taken by Wade Norton, another one of our new members. You can see more of his work on, thank you Wade  …… Lou Pet  
by Mike Thomas 136849
Photo by Wade Norton #144450 Issue #35 July 2018
At Escapade Mike and I sat down and talked about having a monthly photo challenge. The B.O.F. has tried something similar in the past but it never really got off the ground. With Mike’s help I think we should give it another go. Below are the ideas Mike presented to me. …… Lou Pet Who: All members of Photography BOF using whatever camera system they have (DSLR, phone camera, etc.) What: Monthly theme for taking photos Where: Wherever you happen to be during that month Why: Challenge BOF members to get their photo gear out and try new techniques, then share the results When: The theme will be announced at the beginning of each month and the deadline for posting the photos will be the last day of the month. How: Photos will be posted to the Members Photo Albums on the BOF website site at the end of each month Process: A list of photo themes will be generated prior to the first photo challenge. The themes will be either a particular photo element (water, stone, red, etc.) or a particular photo technique (shallow DOF, long exposure, etc). Once the list of themes has been generated, a theme will be assigned to each month. At the beginning of the month, the theme for that month will be communicated to the BOF via email and/or other messaging method. Along with the theme, links to online articles or tutorials dealing with the theme will be presented to give participants some ideas as to how to meet the challenge. Before the last day of the month, participants will be encouraged to post their photo about the theme in the BOF site. There can be some follow-up communication for BOF members to go to the site, see the photos posted for the month, and make comments. In the past, I have run this type of monthly photo challenge with a voting element at the end of the challenge for people to select their favorite choice. I don’t know that we would want to do that with this group. The main point of the monthly challenges is for participants to get their photo gear out and try to capture something interesting around a theme, then to share it with others. If it is decided that a vote is wanted, Google Forms can be used to conduct the voting. One of the notable photos from a past month could be featured in the newsletter giving some information on how the photo was captured. I looked back at some of the themes I used in the past. Below is a sampling: Shadows, Water, Shallow DOF, After dark, Motion, Silhouettes, Low/high angles, Color: Red, Blue, etc., B&W conversion, Animals, Rule of thirds, Urban, Long exposure, Travel etc.  
by Lou Petkus 82876
4th of July Photo Challenge
I think most of us use the 4th of July to get out and take some pictures. This seems like an ideal opportunity to get the Photo Challenge started so we will use “4th of July” as the first theme. Subject matter will be your choice to make. Some suggestions from me would include fireworks, family fun, parades, and patriotic.  Anything else you come up with will also be fine except offensive, political or controversial subjects….the choice is yours. Take your pictures between July 1st and July 1oth. Then upload one or two of them to the members photo albums. Login with user name “4th of July” and password “SKPP”(all caps). You will be sharing this album with other members so please do not change any information except on your own images. Name your images with your first initial, Last name, SKP number and image number. You may upload a test image if you wish. Be sure to use “Test” in the image name. Examples: L Petkus 82876-1.jpg, LPetkus 82876-2.jpg, L Petkus test-1.jpg, L Petkus test-2.jpg. All test images will be deleted on July 10th. All members are free to make comments on the album images even if they have not uploaded any themselves.  The more comments the more everyone can learn! If you plan to shoot fireworks, here are two articles with tips on how to get the best results. This Photo Challenge is just a kick off trial. As Wade eluded to, there are many points still up for discussion. Your thoughts and suggestions are important so please email your comments to The rest of the B.O.F. members are anxious to see your images so grab your camera and don’t disappointment them……. Happy fourth of July!
SKP Photographers
Do you have an idea for a newsletter article? Have you been to any interesting photo ops lately? We would all like to hear about it. This space is available and waiting for one of our members to submit an article.
Monthly Photo Challenge